Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I have considered this method of expression for quite sometime now, though I’ve never really got down to it. Somehow, to me, it doesn’t have the same appeal as an old leather bound journal.

I am also yet to get used to the fact that my opinions and views can be read by someone else.

I’m sitting in front of a computer, finishing up the last traces of my work for this week while ideas and memories are running through my mind. This is my Today. I am a Programmer – a computer person. For those of you who are not computer people and do not spend a major part of your waking hours in front of a computer, I might seem pretty boring. I know all the ugly pictures that popped into your head. I’ve been in your shoes. 🙂

Until recently I’ve been a student – finishing up my 20 year unbroken stint with education with a Masters Degree in (…no prizes for guessing) Computer Science. I’ve traveled a long way, emotionally, mentally and physically to get here. I am not the only one. There have been others before me and there always will be. But one of the things that set me apart from them is that it’s my blog you’re reading right now. That was my yesterday.

Tomorrow, I hope to learn from my mistakes. I won’t be perfect. There will be other mistakes to commit, other times to panic and spend moments of extreme anxiety before heaving a thankful sigh of relief, other days to strike incredulous bargains with faith and days when I’ll have a hand on my shoulder saying “It’s all going to be okay.”

I’ve led a very interesting life so far – complete with all the elements of human emotion. I have told myself that I would want to change bits and pieces of my past. But when I look back on it now, I realize that it is that past which makes a person what the person is. I think I’ve turned out well as a result of all that has ever happened to me and I’m sure if you know me, you’d agree. 😉