I learnt that what goes around comes around. If you do something good to someone, you will get it back. I am not sure if it’s true but the feeling of immense happiness that I’ve got was rewarding enough.

I learnt that if you really want to judge the situation you’re in, ask a non biased, just outsider. The further you get from the emotional feelings attached to it, the clearer things will be. emotions cloud judgement. Always.

I learnt that every cloud has a silver lining. Every night precedes a beautiful day. and that Tomorrow Always Comes. You just need to sit out the night.

I learnt that Time is the greatest Healer. Giving people time will help situations and soothe minds.

I learnt that today’s biggest problems will be things that I will laugh at tomorrow. And I believe this because I laugh at things that caused many sleepless nights yesterday.

I learnt that you will never consciously do something wrong unless you are confident about it. Every thing else is a mistake. And if you have confidently done something that was wrong, you will do everything in your will to save the situation and rectify your fault.

I learnt that Silence is a precious thing; a gift that few people have. I have learnt that it requires far more strength to be silent than to castigate.

I learnt that everyone has negatives. You, me, everyone. The important thing is to have enough respect for some one’s positives to overlook their negatives.

I learnt that you have to fight for what you want; there will always be someone/something in your path. You have to show that you really want it and deserve it.

I learnt that you give it everything when you have nothing to lose. and nothing on your mind to keep you from reaching out that extra inch.

I learnt that to love is a great feeling; very often grossly misunderstood and confused with infatuation. And that the best examples of love can be seen within one’s own family. This I learned from a 9Th grade friend – only to understand it a decade later.

I learnt that even when everything seems so perfect something can go wrong. And it is in pulling through that, that we derive our inner strength.

I learnt that one’s biggest strength is oneself – because I am the only person who completely knows me.

I learnt that the best way to deal with problems is to take them head on. This I learned from my uncle.

I learnt that it is not always possible to be completely truthful to everyone. But it is important for the people who care for you to know you honestly.

I learnt that I should be warm and affectionate so I can have lots of friends in my life. And that I should also be independent enough to move on when we drift apart.

I learnt that even when we drift apart what really counts is that we support each other in times of need.

I learnt that sometimes I am better alone than in bad company, however difficult it is to get out of it.

I learnt that college days were good fun. But that each phase in life will have its own golden moments. And we should enjoy them without thinking of the ones that passed us by.

I learnt that music helps. Whatever my mood is…I just have to find the right song. 🙂

I learnt that first impressions can be hopelessly wrong. As can be second and third impressions.

I learnt never to judge a person. sometimes circumstances and emotions are to blame.

I have learnt that the lessons of life are best learned from experience. And the people who would understand this best are the ones who have experienced.