Moving On

I looked around at the white walls of the room as I took down the last few pictures I had so painstakingly put up two long years ago. It seemed so bare now. So strange and uninviting. No more my comfort space. Nothing to remind me of the happy memories I’ve had. Just four white walls enclosing a space.

I was moving to a new apartment. It was an expensive affair. It was everything I wanted and more. The excitement I had felt for weeks slowly melted away as I looked at all the pictures I had taken down and remembered every moment they had captured in my life. All the people who were smiling with me in the pictures, who had now welcomed so many changes into their lives that they were no longer the same carefree girls and boys that they had been. They were now all professionals, working men and married women.

I remembered someone’s words – ‘You either move on or watch others come and go.’ It seemed so true. I looked down at one picture of three sleepy college girls on their bikes and laughed as I remembered the pains we had taken to have that picture taken at 6 AM one morning. Two of those three sleepy girls now had started families of their own, busy trying to balance their lives. Another picture catches my attention. This time it’s of a young man lovingly holding his infant daughter. A New Jersey transit train ticket, a niagara falls postcard, a movie ticket from a theatre in India and a heart shaped note all had stories to tell. I listened as they told me the story of a girl and her experiences through the last three years. They also reminded me that so many things have changed with all the characters in the story. As I listened, I realized that the only thing that remained is the girl and her memories.